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What are cookies?
A ‘cookie’ is small piece of data (usually in the form of a text file) which may be placed on your device when you visit our website. These files do not contain personal data, but they do contain a personal identifier allowing us to associate your personal data with a certain device, i.e. it helps us to “remember” user behaviour. Many websites use cookies. As a user, you are able to accept or decline cookies. Please note that if you decline cookies,you may not be able to fully experience the interactive features of this website. To learn more about cookies you can access

What information do cookies collect?
A cookie typically contains two bits of data: a unique ID for each user, and a site name. Cookies enable websites to retrieve this information when you revisit them, so that they canremember you and your preferences. Tracking cookies, and especially third-party tracking cookies, are commonly used as ways to compile long-term records of individuals’ browsing histories.

Why do we use cookies?

These files serve a number of useful purposes for you, including:
• granting you access to restricted content;
• designing our website’s functionality to you personally by letting us remember your preferences, location or device type;
• ensuring that our website functions correctly and improving how our website performs;
• understanding who our audience is so that we can provide content most relevant to you;
• allowing third parties to provide services to our website; and
• helping us deliver interest-based advertising where appropriate in compliance with the applicable laws.

We use the following types of cookies:

Essential cookies – these are cookies that allow our website to perform its essential functions.Without these cookies, some parts of our websites would stop working.

Site analytics cookies – these are cookies that monitor how our website is performing, andhow you interact with it. We use them to know how best to improve our website or services.

Functional cookies – these are cookies that remember who you are as a user of our website. We use them to remember any preferences you may have selected on our website, like saving your username and password, or settings.

Advertising cookies – these are cookies that match your interests or web searches with applicable advertising campaigns on our website. We use them to provide you with advertising that we think you might find useful.

Social media cookies – these are cookies that integrate with social media platforms. We use them to help you share content from our website to your chosen social media platform.

Flash cookies – these are cookies that help your device read content supported by AdobeFlash. We use them to make sure that any Flash advertisements or videos appear properly on your device. Third party cookies – these are cookies that some of our business partners use on our website. We have no access to or control over them. Information collected by any of these cookies or widgets is governed by the privacy policy of the company that created it, and not by us.

Deleting cookies
Some cookies are placed by us, while others are placed by our third-party plug-ins, suppliers or advertisers. These cookies may be deleted from your device at different times, such as at the end of your browsing session (when you leave the website) or after a pre-set amount time, or they may persist on your device until you delete them. Third parties may also use cookies. You must take care that if you access linked websites, third party plug-ins used on our website, or advertisements appearing on our website, you inspect how they use cookies. We are not responsible for how third parties control the use of cookies.
If you wish to delete the cookies, please refer to your device manual or website manual for instructions. Cookies placed on your device can always be deleted manually. Follow this link for more information on how you can do this:


We only use cookies if you have given us your consent by selecting ACCEPT. If you have previously granted consent and you wish to withdraw it, refer to “Deleting Cookies” clauseabove.

Policy Review
We may occasionally make changes to this policy from time to time and update it on our website

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